The knee is a complex structure and essential for every day life. When you suffer with knee pain it is often difficult to walk and will affect your daily life and sometimes cause back or hip pain from overcompensation.

Managing knee pain is important and the joint itself can be injured from overuse, degeneration and sudden onset pain especially when working manually or during sporting activities.

Common injuries to the knee include:

patella femoral joint pain (front of knee pain)- knee pain up and down stairs and prolongs sitting.

ITB friction syndrome; outside knee pain from poor gluteal strength and lower limb mechanics, assoc

iated with repetitive sports such as running and cycling.

Meniscus tear; from overuse or sudden twisting injury.

Knee ligament injury; pain producing strictures of the knee can be stretched or torn with twisting or impact injuries.

Osteoarthritis and degeneration: overuse, but can be managed with strengthening exercises to support the knee jo

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