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At The Recovery Room we will assess your injury including the actions that you use in your sport.  By observing your running gait you will benefit on several levels:

  • We can identify faulty mechanics that could be the cause of your injury.
  • Identify areas of weakness that could be the cause of or result in mechanical change.
  • Provoke symptoms that are not present at rest.
  • Use inclines to understand your pain distribution on hills.
  • Fatigue muscles to help understand your problem, what caused it, where and when it hurts and why it occurred

Runners Case Study:run

A female recreational runner presented with long term anterior knee pain. Over the years she has dealt with the pain and altered her running style accordingly. With no symptoms at rest, the subjective and objective assessment was suggesting patella femoral joint syndrome as prolonged sitting and walking downstairs aggravates the symptoms.

Objective assessment showed overactive hamstrings on leg extension and, poor firing patterns as well as weak  glute medius and minimus. The patient experienced altered mechanics while running to the extent that the medial aspect of the foot brushed the contralateral side of the swing through phase of gait. My assessment of the knee and hip was thorough, although the ankle assessment was only using active movements. No abnormalities were detected.

On the tread mill after the warm up, it was evident that I was looking for alterations of mechanics at the hip and knee. Weak gluteus medius and minimus was my rationale for the incorrect gait, but this was only half the cause. The gait analysis helped me elicit the problem was also due to tibialis anterior weakness at the ankle, causing the ‘chewing gum’ gait.

This use of functional equipment and technique is very important in thoroughly assessing athletes and the cause of injury or overload.

Corrective exercise programmes will be used to improve your mechanics and reduce your symptoms. You can book a running gait analysis session in Southampton.

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