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Don’t get put off by the name, you do not need to be sporty to get muscle pain relief from a sports massage.

If you are in pain and need a sports massage near you, you have come to the right. Sports massage is available in Southampton and Salisbury. Sports massage is a deep tissue massage that can be adapted by using different techniques to reduce soft tissue tension.

Sports massage is especially effective for relieving muscle tension from poor posture, work related stresses as well as helping sports people prepare and recover from activity.

At The Recovery Room we will take into considerations the person and the demands of the activity that they need to complete.As a tight muscle can cause a stiff joint and a stiff joint can cause a a tight muscle, joint mobilisation and exercise correction will be incorporated to prevent your problem from returning.

Often tightness in a muscle is cause from its overuse from another structure being tight and weak. Unless this is corrected you problem will return. Sports massage is a great way to both recover from injury or from heavy work out sessions. Any sporting or non sporting person can benefit from a sports massage and it is particularly effective for office based back and neck pain.

Benefits of our deep tissue sports massage include:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve lymphatic drainage to help recover from strenuous activity
  • Stimulate the neuromuscular system to improve coordination prior to sporting activity
  • Improve flexibility of joints
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Reduction of pain and muscle soreness
  • Facilitate healing and restore joint mobility
  • Help remove lactic acid to reduce cramping.

Sports massage is usually a fairly deep and intense type of massage. This pressure will often cause some discomfort which is needed to stimulate the soft tissue to help with your problem.

We will ensure that we will use a depth of massage that is effective, appropriate and specific to your needs. Trigger point therapy is used in particularly tight areas of muscle to relieve your symptoms. Other techniques are used such as myofacial release along with sports massage.

What is remedial massage?

Due to working with many patients in the past, I am often asked what remedial massage actually is. Well, its used to remedy a specific injury or problem.

This is usually to reduce pain, swelling, improve joint range of motion or reduce muscle spasm or guarding. Both sports and remedial massage will often be used alongside joint mobilisation techniques to help restore mobility, reduce pain and improve function.

When dealing with patients especially with acute episodes of back pain it is often amazing how much pain and loss of motion is cause by protective muscle spasm. Remedial massage will often help to rapidly relieve pain and correct protective movement patterns.

f you have back pain, muscle or joint pain then sports and remedial massage can help. You can book a remedial massage in Southampton or Salisbury.

We also offer:

  • Deep tissue sports massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Holistic massage
  • Lower Back massage
  • Knee Support for Runners
  • Sciatica treatments
  • Treatments specific for runners

If you are a runner and you are training for an event this year, you have come to the right place. Before niggles set in, get your self an injury prevention programme with sports massage to put out the ‘small fires’ before they stop you in your tracks.

Sports massage is especially effective for calf pain, knee pain, Achilles tendon pain and other soft tissue running injuries. Sports massage combined with exercise programmes will keep you motivated, informed and running optimally!

To book a remedial massage in our Southampton Clinic please call: 07748 483639