My name is James Kirkpatrick and I am a Sports Therapist (BSc, MSc, SST), Clinical Director at The Recovery Room sports injury clinic.

I am also a Lecturer in Sports Injury and Treatment (BSc) for Chichester University at Peter Symonds College in Winchester.

My lifelong interest in the human body is my motivation and passion for what I do.

This is coupled with an enjoyment of all sports, the outdoors and anything active. I am an avid trail runner and enjoy running distance from half marathons to ultra marathons, very very slowly! Being active can bring a risk of becoming injured, experiencing this first hand has helped me appreciate these times of adversity but they can make you a better person and performer.

My undergraduate degree in Sports Science (BSc) from the University of Southampton was the start of my career in sport.

Tennis was my main sport and I qualified as a  LTA level 4 coach and have experience of teaching all age and abilities in Romsey, Southampton and Salisbury.

During this time, my main interest was teaching people correct techniques and biomechanics to reduce the risk of injury.

By seeing and helping people suffer less injury, I realised this interest and qualified with an MSc in Sports Therapy form London MET University in 2012.

I now work and run a full time sports injury clinic in Southampton treating general aces and pains as well as sports injuries. With my teaching background,  I like to clearly explain to the patient how they got injured and what they can do as a result to help them become injury free and a better performer. Although I treat all types of sports injuries, the shoulder joint and running injuries are a main areas of interest and I have treated many running related injuries in Southampton and surrounding areas.

I look forward to meeting you,

James Kirkpatrick (BSc, MSc, SST)

Programme Leader and Lecturer in Sports Injury and Treatment (BSc)