James Chaudry, Former Professional Tennis Player

James Chaudry, Former Professional Tennis Player

“As a former professional tennis player that has had many injuries (both serious and minor niggles) the treatment I have had at the Recovery Room with James has been second to none. The level of professional care and attention to detail has been exceptional. Many of my injuries have been quite unique, however the planning of treatment among with injury prevention and rehab programmes have been excellent and got me back on court stronger and sooner than expected. I would recommend James with any type of injury or muscular/ joint discomfort.”

James Chaudry, former professional tennis player

“James was the 12th medical professional i saw about a calf problem limiting my running to 4km. Through James’s thorough and detailed approach I have been able to return to triathlon competition and to start to train for long distance running.”

Joe Sutton, triathlete and runner, 45.

“I have seen James on and off for the last three years with numerous issues related to my work. I never hesitate to call James, as I know know he will get me back to work in the best possible time”

Andrew Murdoch, Super Clean Marine. 

 “James is personable with good empathy and a professional approach. He diagnoses problems quickly and defines effective resolutions. I would not hesitate to recommend him to others with sports or other injuries.” 

Stephen Cogbill, IT Contractor and Passionate Walker

“After visiting various other health professionals for my sons football injury with limited success, we finally found James. James helped my son recover fully from injury and he is now back playing football. James is very knowledgeable and filled us with great confidence, he shows empathy and understanding and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anybody with a mild ache or pain to a more serious injury. Thank you!”

Rachael Smith, , Massage Therapist

“The Recovery Room sorted out my shin splints in excellent time. Now I’m back to marathon running! Special thanks to for all the help”

Andrew Strudwick- IT Support Worker and runner

“My training was suffering heading in to the World Champs due to muscle spasm, so I went to see James for some treatment. Not only did he find and fix the problem but James also gave me some home treatments to prevent the problem re-occurring”.
Emily Benham European Champion- Mountain Bike Orienteering

“I went to James for help with pain in my right shoulder. After a very thorough and professional examination he prescribed me some treatment and home exercises to stretch and strengthen the shoulder. I can now sleep without pain, shoulder press and incline bench press are also pain free”.
Matt Arnold, Personal Trainer

“I recently pick up an injury while at the gym, James treated me for this. With his knowledge and accurate treatment and advice I was soon on the mend. This helped me achieve my goal of finishing The Great South Run. I would highly recommend James to my family, friends and anyone who needs a bit of tender loving care on there bodies, injury treatment or pains that they have”.

Rob Garrett, Factory Worker and Runner

“After 10 years of doing Tae kwon-do, I’ve had many issues with my knees caused by kicking and putting my legs into positions they weren’t designed to go! I went to James and he gave me a clear programme and has helped me to strengthen my knees and improve my posture”

Farky Rafiq  Black Belt Tae Kwon-Do