At The Recovery Room sports injury clinic, we see many different sportspeople with varying goals and reasons for taking part in their chosen sport. These goals can be to maintain or help change body shape, meet new friends, stress relief, improving your performance etc.

Here is some simple advice on how to reduce your risk of injury:

Rapidly increasing your training distance or intensity is a recipe for disaster. Remember to slowly increase your training times with the difficulty of your session in mind so your body can adapt, remember your resolution should last the year!

The same is true with the frequency that you run, remember to have rest days and slowly build up your training days.

Appropriate warm up, using dynamic stretches, your goal is to increase you heart rate, body temperature, elasticity and range of muscle movement especially on those cold winter days.

Cool down using static stretches.

If you are starting a new exercise programme it is wise to get checked out for any areas of weakness or tightness and regular sports massage can help relieve those aching muscles.