New year is a time that general health is a priority and running is a good way of keeping fit. With approximately 44,000 steps to run a marathon, running efficiently will put 4 x body weight through the lower limbs and 12 x body weight with an inefficient pattern. If you do the maths (this was never my strong point) you can come to some very high numbers, depending on the distance and frequency that you run.

With the repetitive nature of the running gait, poor running form (example of hip drop to the left) and high weekly mileage, you are at high risk of developing a running related injury. Overuse and misuse are the two most common reasons for developing an injury, prevention is better than cure!

By understanding the principles of training, load management and running form, you will be able to reduce injury risk, run further, for longer and more efficiently (= more fun, less load, better health and more time doing what you enjoy). You will also become more self aware of your body movements and what to do to correct them.

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