The following case studies will help you understand training errors- overuse and misuse

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Case 1 Novice Runner:

42 year old Female Runner Started 3 months ago.
Gradual onset of pain in Achilles tendon 2 months ago.
Stopped running due to pain.

Caused by External Factors:

Load (hills), resistance, duration and
Poor footwear

Caused by Internal factors:

Tight calf muscles
Poor Ankle flexibility
Q angle
Previous Injury

Case 2 intermediate 1/2 marathon runner:

40 year old female runs 3/7 10-13 miles
Right hip constant ache and right knee pain worse with running esp hills.
Started 11/12 ago progressively getting worse and now modified/ stopped running.

Running injury Caused by:


Rapid Changes in distance, intensity and frequency of training.


Gait, previous History of Injury- Big toe
Hip weakness
Personal goals that are not planned

Case 3, Experienced Marathon Runner

Male 56 year old
Right hip pain during preparation for London 2013.
Pain on side lying at night and onset more rapidly, getting worse!

Caused by External:

Uneven running surface- camber.


Age or expectation?

Case 4, Triathlete:

Triathlete case study