Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are some of the most common types of musculo skeletal injuries due to the active nature of sporting participants. From experience of treating such injuries and previously teaching sport to a high level, many sports injuries can be avoided. One of my key aims as a Sports Therapist is injury prevention.

This prevention can come in the form of education of sports people, active intervention through musculoskeletal screening and building good relationships with local sports clubs.

Any tissue in the human body, like any other type of material has its tensile strength and once forces exceed this level, the material or tissue will break causing injury in this case. Once an injury has occurred, it will not return to its pre injury level of strength, causing a weak link in the chain. Hence, ‘injury prevention is better than cure’. Once this has happened, it is my role as a Sports Therapist to return the athlete to sport and activity in the best condition in the safest possible time.

So… what are the key factors in injury prevention?

As the human body has  such a complex and fascinating construction, it can also adapt to the demands placed upon it. So when you work out in the gym you body will adapt to the demands placed upon it in terms of flexibility (range of motion) or tensile strength. Too much resistance or load too soon will often result in injury through overuse or misuse. In the competitive sporting environment this can easily tip the balance of what the body can or cannot endure. This could be from increased load, intensity or frequency of training or competitive play.

Most of these types of injuries are experienced early in a new season as the body has not developed to the demands that are being placed upon it or rushing recovery from injury.

When players come into my Sports Injury Clinic in Southampton there is always an overwhelming desire to return to sport as quickly as possible. In my treatment session the psychological effects of injury are also considered, as incorrect enthusiasm in the incorrect direction will actually delay the safe recovery time. If you would like any further information about injury prevention then please check out the blog page or sign up to the newsletter.

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