Sports Injury, Massage and Musculoskeletal Clinic in Southampton

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At The Recovery Room Southampton, we help to restore your function, regardless of your lifestyle, work, and activity levels.

We help you recover from the pain and improve your range of motion, allowing you to move freely and live a happier, healthier life.

We aim to get you back to work, hobbies, and sport, in the fastest possible time.

Are you in pain? we can help you live a healthy, pain-free life. 

At the Recovery Room, you and your personal situation will be the focus of our treatment plan, moving you from where you are NOW, to where YOU WANT TO BE.  Your injury history will be assessed to understand why you are experiencing pain.

The treatment sessions will include; a combination of hands-on treatment, exercise rehabilitation, and education, to build your tolerance to stressors and prevent your symptoms from returning. 

James Kirkpatrick is a degree qualified Sports Therapist (MSc) and Lecturer in Sports Injury and Treatment.

Our treatments include:

Sports Massage, Shockwave Therapy, exercise rehabilitation, acupuncture, joint mobilisation, trigger point therapy, muscle energy techniques, specialist running injury treatment and prevention programmes, running gait analysis.

For further information or an informal conversation, please call James today on:

 07748 483639